Splendid prints by popular Suffolk artist Sarah Reilly

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G74style is proud to have been selected by Sarah Reilly to be the Woodbridge stockist of her LoveCountry work. 

Sarah draws inspiration surrounded by the glorious British countryside. 

In 2016 she wrote a poem for one of her paintings “Hugging the Moon”, intended for a children’s room. This charming print and poem combination became so popular that she wrote poems for the other designs. 

Sarah doesn’t consider herself a poet but she paints from the heart and so writes from the heart. These poems were so well received that they are now beautifully printed on the reverse of all her greeting cards.  

Our customers feel these are so special due to the intimacy and humour, giving the reader something special. Her paintings have become remarkably popular ever since. Many prints now come with a copy of the poem written for them by Sarah.

Mr Prickles Hedgehog

He is a most beloved British treasure, giving many children so much pleasure

With squeals of delight at this marvelous sight, a fellow who can be found late at night

Snuffling along turning leaves on the ground, making a wonderfully distinctive snorting sound

Covered in prickles protecting from prey, especially as he likes to sleep in the day

Cute as a button and unlike any, please handle me gently and rub my belly

All LoveCountry artwork and poems copyright protected by the Artist. Sarah Reilly, Love Country UK. All rights reserved.